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Asia Green (she/her) is a Clinical Intern completing her Master’s of Counselling Psychology graduate degree from Yorkville University; anticipated graduation in December 2024.  She comes to us with an Undergraduate Degree in Applied Science and Human Behaviour from McMaster University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health and Disability Management, from Mohawk College.  Asia has a passion for connecting with the child and adolescent population (ages 7+), particularly those who identify as highly sensitive, who are experiencing anxiety and low self-esteem, and individuals who struggle with expressing their emotions in effective and healthy ways.  Asia is excited to be joining the MPC team and hopes to offer her clients a space where they can feel validated, seen and heard. 


Asia understands the importance of relationships within the home and outside of the home, particularly during adolescence.  Asia hopes to offer a bridge between parents and children during challenging times.  She is committed to helping her clients better understand themselves and their needs, and hopes to support parents to better understand and communicate with their children.  Asia believes that everyone deserves a voice and she is available to help her clients with finding theirs so that they can: experience improvements in their relationships, establish healthy boundaries, develop effective coping strategies, and increase their confidence.


For young adults who find themselves in a place of readiness and transition, or within life changes, Asia aims to offer a supportive and non-judgmental space with her calm and genuine personality, in an effort to help her clients navigate adulthood.  Asia believes that her journey in understanding her own bi-racial identity has allowed her to better empathize with the challenges that her young clients may face when exploring their sense of self.


Asia has enjoyed her experiences as a Camp Counsellor and McMaster student mentor, and has developed her Crisis Management competency by completing the ASIST Applied Suicide Interventions Skills training.  


When she is not focusing on her academics, you can find her reading, enjoying time with her friends and family, traveling, and holding photoshoots of her sweet dog Daisy.


Asia is currently working under the clinical supervision of Jana Venditti, Registered Social Worker and is offering psychotherapy services at a reduced rate at this time.

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