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Our Story

Milton Psychotherapy Centre was founded by Liz Khalighi, Registered Social Service Worker and Psychotherapist.  With over 20 years of experience working with children and families, Liz launched her practice with the intention to deliver creative and individualized services to her clients with an "outside the box" approach to therapy.  No two clients have lived the same journey.  With this in mind, Liz has always prioritized finding unique and dynamic ways of helping her clients reach their goals while incorporating evidence-based treatment modalities.   

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, everything changed regarding the way people accessed mental health supports.  The growing need for services for children, teens, adults and couples left so many individuals and families struggling to access the supports that they need.  Liz was determined to build a team of outstanding, fun, and approachable therapists that were not only highly skilled, but who also shared the same values and philosophies about mental health treatment.

Each therapist on our team is gender- affirming, non-judgemental, sees their clients from a holistic perspective and is here to be their client's biggest ally.


Our clinic space was designed with safety and comfort in mind for our clients as well as our therapists.  Our calming therapy and waiting rooms were designed with particular attention given to the needs of our neurodiverse and trauma surviving clients.  We understand the importance of needing to feel physically safe within an environment in order to feel emotionally safe.

At Milton Psychotherapy Centre, we not only value wellness and balance for our clients, but we aim to protect the work-life balance of our team.  Each therapist at our clinic is valued and supported so that they can offer their clients the highest quality therapeutic services possible. 


We are a fun bunch who love to laugh, and are here to walk alongside you as you begin your journey in therapy.

Our Space

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