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Monica McArthur (she/her) is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), and member of the College of
Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She is currently completing her thesis for an Art Therapy
certification through Toronto Institute for Art Therapy (TATI). She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor
of Education and has worked as an elementary school teacher with a specialization in Art and Drama for
over 20 years. Monica is committed to combining her passions for mental health and creative arts. She
works with adults experiencing life and career transitions, relationship and family challenges, grief and
loss, racial trauma, bi-racial experience, gender identity and exploration, parents/caregiver support and
burnout, and complex medical conditions (including chronic pain).

She is also able to work with teens and children aged 10 + who have experienced bullying, who are
having difficulties with grief and loss, life transitions, racial trauma, disordered eating, anxiety (including
performance anxiety), depression, academic challenges, perfectionism, and emotional regulation.
There are many feelings and experiences that are too difficult to put into words. Making art with the
support and guidance of an art therapist can help. When facilitating Art Therapy, Monica believes that it
is important for individuals to know that anyone can benefit from creative interventions and that her
clients do not need to identify as “artists”. She has seen the powerful impact art making can have as
clients have been able to gain deeper insight into their experiences. They also feel they are taking an
active role in their healing process, and they have felt more understood and seen through this process. No
experience with art is necessary. Monica offers options such as drawing, painting, water colour, pencils,
marker, pastels, sculpture and collaging. Her clients can also engage in talk therapy without an art focus.
Monica is wholeheartedly strengths-based, person-centred and is committed to creating a culturally
humble anti-oppressive practice where all people feel welcome. Monica is dedicated to ongoing learning
and is able to incorporate other modalities, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Emotion Focused
Therapy into her work.

When she is not working with clients, Monica can be found spending time with family and friends,
practicing yoga, watching movies, listening to music while attempting to sing along, and most
importantly being playful and having fun.
Monica is offering reduced rate therapy while she is completing the final components of her graduate
degree and thesis. She will be graduating in December 2024 and will remain a full time therapist on the
MPC team.

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