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Shawn Mohammed (he/him) is a Registered Psychotherapist with over 12 years of training and experience working with children (10+), adults and families. Shawn began his career with a focus on child and youth mental health (anxiety, depression, ADHD and executive functioning, social and emotional concerns), and transitioned toward family and attachment based interventions including crisis stabilization work, supporting families in conflict, safety planning and developing healthy family communication. Shawn is also skilled in supporting adults with mood and self regulation concerns including anger management, anxiety, depression, and trauma recovery.


Shawn implements a variety of evidenced based treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Attachment Regulation and Competency Framework, and he takes a strengths-based and non-judgmental approach to working with his clients.


For Shawn, he believes that the most important component of a successful journey in therapy starts with finding a good fit and wants for his clients to feel as though their need for help is being addressed. Although the beginning stages of therapy can feel daunting, Shawn knows that in order for his clients to feel safe to discuss their deeper thoughts and feelings, there must be space for them to understand him as a therapist first so that they can trust that they are moving in the right direction.


In addition to being a skilled therapist, Shawn has lived experience as a competitive dancer and athlete, and can relate to the stress and pressure that comes with performance anxiety, and perfectionism. As an introvert, Shawn can empathize with the difficulties that his clients may have when it comes to balancing their need for social time, and healthy time regenerating alone. Shawn brings his personal experiences of bi-cultural, and bi-racial identity in his culturally-affirming approach to therapy and believes that it is important for his clients to reflect on how these factors may be impacting their lives and their overall functioning.


In his free time, Shawn loves, cooking, travelling and staying connected with friends and family.

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